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 iStock_000015284292_ExtraSmallThe Official MAB Management of Assaultive Behavior Aggression and Workplace Violence Prevention Program that has always lead the way helping to protect hundreds of thousands of individuals over the years since 1976, has undergone a dramatic and effective evolution of improvement and is now re-designed to completely exceed any and all hopes and expectations of what a violence prevention program should contain, as well as what any Nationally recognized regulatory agencies require. From healthcare, behavioral health, forensic programs, caregivers and their clients, law enforcement, Federal agencies, corrections, security and executive protection, schools, airlines and corporate business environments, we at MABPRO guarantee that once you, your business, or employees have taken our program, that you will not only agree, but you will come to the quick conclusion that it is the best assault and violence prevention training program available anywhere. Even if you’re currently using, or have used other training such as CPI, P.A.R.T., Pro-ACT, PMAB, MOAB, Secure, Handle With Care, TEAM, other company’s AB-508 and AB-1083 classes, or any other MAB -like education, we’re confident that you’ll know for sure that you made the right choice when choosing MABPRO MAB for your organization’s Violence Prevention and Protection program. More

Help protect your business or organization with MABPRO’s Business Workplace V.I.P. Program (Violence Intervention & Prevention) and Active Shooter Protocols and Practice.
Large or Small it’s important to keep your business and employees safe from harm

MABPRO MAB has a unique and effective program to serve any environment.

Behavior Health
Law Enforcement
Federal Agencies
Juvenile Justice
Motion Picture
Event Venues
Social Services
Autistic Centers
Child Services
Nursing Homes
Developmental Centers
Drug & Alcohol Programs
Clubs & Organizations
Executive Protection
General Workplace
Government Agencies
Private Sector
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If your facility can host at least 45 attendees for a MAB class, we will travel to you anywhere in the United States!
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Send 5 Employees to our Instructor Training and the 6th person is FREE!
Send 10 staff and you’ll get 2 for FREE!
MABPRO © conducts thorough and comprenshive Risk Assessments for any facility or organization
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MAB (Management of Assaultive Behavior)

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What Our Customers Are Saying

“The Assaultive Behavior/Crisis Negotiation Workshop that I attended from Doc Elliot provided practical, hands-on experience to assist individuals in crisis. Mr. Elliot’s class provided the psychological tools necessary to de-escalate a hostile or suicidal person, helping reinforce the use of non-physical means to provide a safe environment. His professional and soothing demeanor, coupled with his real-life experiences, engages his audience and provides an atmosphere to utilize critical thinking skills in various situations. This information would be highly beneficial for anyone working with the public, including nurses, office staff and anyone, both clinical or not, who has possible contact with aggressive, suicidal, or potentially violent individuals.”

— Adam Herdina, Psy.D., , LAPD Police Psychologist, Crisis Negotiation Team

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